Visit our new office in Andover! We’re located at 159 River Rd #4, Andover, MA 01810

5 stars 5
Procedure was quick and mostly painless. After one week since my lasik mono vision procedure, Im blown away with the results!

5 stars 5
Excellent attention to detail as soon as you walk in the door. Great staff and a great team of doctors.

5 stars 5

5 stars 5
The commute to a location I otherwise passed by to work was like living in a nightmare. Here's some advice: never lean on GPS. Sometimes, it has you enter another parking lot by being either unclear or scatterbrained as you are nervous! You can't afford to have a little pocket computer act like you!So, I was running late and needed to decompress as I arrived. Yet, the reception process was quick and empathetic. The initial tests took the longest time but passed by at lightning speed. And when I finally met the doc, she was about as chipper as the rest. It lifted my spirits--I could weather any bad news they had to give--and now, after eight years, I have a new pair of specs waiting for me at the store.So, while getting there was a hassle, that was my end. Maybe it was a slow day at the office, but Milford's Boston Vision is not just friendly and reassuring, but a river of pure quicksilver. The only problem is that, typically, you only need to show up once per year.

5 stars 5
Great experience, even with the maintenance the week after it's great. The procedure went great, took 10 minutes and felt like a breeze. I highly recommend them if you're getting laser eyes

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