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5 stars 5
Its been 10 yrs since Dr Melki performed the procedure on both my eyes - I will never forget - it took seconds - when I was done the girl at the front desk asked if I would donate my glasses to people in need - I said no because I thought I was not done with my glasses - I just could not get the will to leave them - I spent every moment with them since 10 yrs old....someone in the waiting area stood up and put his hand on my shoulder and said 'its ok - you can let them go' I put my glasses in the donation box....and went home....10 yrs later to today I tell people it was the best thing I ever did for more glasses, no more prescription sun glasses, no more vision is perfect.....thank you Dr Melki and Boston Laser!!!!

5 stars 5
I had my consult 1 month ago (October 2015) with Dr. Melki and the staff at Boston Laser. Dr. Melki was kind, informative, and descriptive.In between my consult and procedure (a 4 week period due to my work schedule), I had some additional questions and concerns which I emailed to Boston Laser. Dr. Melki emailed me back personally and answered every question point by point. I felt incredibly comfortable after this correspondence (even though his resume truly speaks for itself).The procedure was far easier and smoother than I could have imagined. Dr. Melki and his team performed the surgery quickly, efficiently, and were sure to make me feel comfortable throughout. I had my follow up the next morning with a member of the team, and I could see 20/20. The healing process has been a smooth one for me. Today I had another follow up, and I am now seeing 20/15. It is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I'm glad I did my research and chose Dr. Melki and Boston Laser.

5 stars 5
If I had to do Lasik all over again I would certainly certainly pick Dr Melki and Boston Laser. I was well informed during the whole process. I now see better than 20/20. It's well worth the money!

5 stars 5
I recently had LASIK performed by Dr. Melki at Boston Laser and I could not be happier with my experience throughout the entire process as well as the results. During my consultation, Dr. Melki and his LASIK team did an excellent job of explaining the entire procedure, what I could expect before/during/after as well as answering all of the questions I had. Admittedly, I was nervous about an operation that dealt with such a sensitive part of the human body as the human eye but after meeting with Dr. Melki his knowledge, expertise and willingness to spend time discussing all of my concerns made me feel extremely relaxed going into the procedure and confident I had made the right choice. I would be remiss not to mention Rachel and Rick Young on the LASIK team as they also played a critical role in my extremely positive experience by walking me through the entire process from start to finish so that I knew exactly what to expect. At 32 years old, it has been almost 15 years since I was able to see without prescription glasses/contacts, however in less than 24 hours following my LASIK procedure by Dr. Melki I could once again see clearly! Dr. Melki literally gave me my vision back and I am forever grateful! Thank you Dr. Melki, Rick, Rachel and the entire team at Boston Laser for delivering the utmost service during my consultation, procedure and follow up appts!!

5 stars 5
Four hours after getting LASIK at Boston Laser, I could see for the first time in years without my glasses or contacts! Dr. Melki and his entire staff are amazing. From the consultation, the day of surgery (the surgery lasts about 12 minutes total), to follow up appointments, I have been consistently impressed. Now five days later, my eyes are healing nicely and I can see 20-20. Thanks to everyone at Boston Laser!

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