5 stars 5
Any fear of pain should just go out the window. You feel nothing, almost not notice anything going on until you realize that its over. Excellent job, seeing 20/15 now and i cant be happier

5 stars 5
LIFE CHANGING!!! I investigated LASIK/PRK for years and checked out Dr. Melki at Boston Laser after both my friend and her husband had their LASIK procedures here. Did a bunch of research and Dr. Melki has done a ton of these procedures over many years and has had several pro athletes for clients (if Dr. Melki is good enough for pro athletes whose livelihoods depend on their vision, I figure he's good enough for me). Boston Laser is extremely thorough and their eye exams actually caught a potentially serious issue I never knew had existed (and my regular eye doctor had never noticed) and I was immediately referred to a specialist and resolved the issue within 1 week. I ended up going with PRK - Dr. Melki and Dr. Gonzalez were extremely transparent and conservative about their recommendations. In terms of the PRK, Boston Laser knows what they're doing. The day of, they had a cute little breakfast spread (nice touch and indicative that they think out every detail) and gave out a tote bag with highlighted, easy-to-read instructions (key to have while under Valium). If I had known how quick and painless the procedure was, I would have done this years ago! I had been utterly terrified but they narrated every step during the procedure and do it very efficiently - each eye probably took 1-2 minutes total (only 15-30 seconds with the actual laser). PRK recovery is slower and it was difficult to read for a day or so (the hardest part of PRK recovery for me was not discomfort but more not being able to do much other than watch Netflix since reading vision will be hazy). I ended up going back to work earlier than expected - my vision was excellent and most of the "haze" had gone away by Day 5 and continues to improve. Phenomenal experience and extremely happy I did the procedure with Dr. Melki at Boston Laser. I don't normally write such effusive reviews but I was petrified of corrective eye surgery and this was done so painlessly and perfectly I highly recommend for LASIK/PRK.

5 stars 5
Nice folks. Organized, helpful. Easy process. They were very good at answering my questions. The surgery was easy. The recovery, too. I had my surger in the morning, and by the evening, I was comfortably able to see near and far, without glasses or contacts. Highly recommended.

5 stars 5
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5 stars 5
Time investment well worth it for premium results. I'm glad the doctors at this office are thoughtful enough to spend the extra time with me to get it right.I think this process is always a challenge because it relies so much on the doctor patient communication. Usually I leave an eye appointment wondering if there really was a difference between 1 or 2 and if I was clear or whatever.I'll admit I grew a little impatient waiting to see the doctor but when I sat with her I immediately understood why. Time stands still until the results are achieved. Dr. Azedah Suppappola is extremely thorough and thoughtful.I'm 100% confident that my new glasses are the best fit for my needs and I'm pleased with the results.

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