At Boston Vision, we’re committed to continuing education and clinical research to help our team stay at the cutting edge of ophthalmology to provide the highest quality care for our patients. Achievements we’re proud of include:

  • Establishing a fellowship training program for top-performing physicians who have finished their residency
  • Leading conferences at the Harvard Department of Ophthalmology
  • Providing surgical training of Harvard fellows
  • Creating and presenting a course in cataract, corneal, and refractive surgery at the annual meeting of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive surgery that is attended by physicians all around the world
  • Publishing textbooks and research papers in many areas of ophthalmology
  • Studying and improving the LASEK procedure
  • Tracking the results of cataract surgery and LASIK to continuously refine our technique

In addition to all this ongoing research and training, we’re currently working on ground-breaking research aimed at successfully implanting a sensor in the eye to continuously measure intraocular pressure. The team at Boston Vision was the first in the world to implant this kind of device.

Fellowship Program

The fellowship run by Boston Vision in association with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center helps train doctors in a specific specialty before they are fully finished with their training. Our specialty is aimed at training in cornea, advanced cataract, and refractive surgery, particularly focused on refractive surgery. This hands-on fellowship was established in 2007 and is accepting people who want:

  • Additional training in refractive surgery after a cornea fellowship
  • A career with either a private or academic practice that focuses on refractive surgery (laser surgery, corneal inlays, phakic implants) or refractive cataract surgery (femtosecond lasers, refractive implants)
  • A clinical practice (academic or private) that focuses on comprehensive ophthalmology and is able to easily perform refractive, refractive cataract, and corneal surgeries.

Previous Fellows became comfortable performing cornea procedures (PK, DSEK, DMEK, KPRO, DALK), although that is not the specific goal of the fellowship. They also performed corneal crosslinking and intacs for keratoconus. Finally, they are often well-prepared for managing complex situations including IOL exchange and sutured IOLs

The fellowship will largely be carried out at our Brookline office as well as at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. They can expect 2 OR sessions per week in addition to full days of laser vision correction. Our international affiliate, Dr. Miguel Lopez (Dominican Republic) allows fellows to spend one surgical week per year performing cornea cases with his team.

About Boston Vision

We are a leading center for refractive, cataract, and cornea surgery in Boston, MA. Those who undergo our fellowship will become certified and proficient in the following technology:

  • Allegretto Wavelight
  • Visx Star S4 Intralase IFS and FS60
  • Catalys femtosecond laser
  • Avedro’s crosslinking system

They will also have training in the clinical aspects of refractive surgery such as pre-surgery screening and consultations, discussing cash procedures, marketing services and the clinic, and calculating post-refractive IOLs.

About Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The division of ophthalmology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is a multi-specialty, tertiary care center. Fellows will gain a broad experience with external diseases with cornea and anterior segment pathologies. They also typically perform surgeries such as corneal transplants, managing intraocular complications, anterior segment reconstructions, and ocular surface reconstructions.

Typical Schedule During A Fellowship

  • Monday – AM: OR
  • Monday – PM: Medical Clinic
  • Tuesday – AM: Medical Clinic
  • Tuesday – PM: Fellow Clinic
  • Wednesday – AM: OR
  • Wednesday – PM: Refractive Clinic
  • Thursday: Medical Clinic
  • Friday: Refractive lasers

During your time as a fellow, you may be joining any surgeon affiliated with the fellowship for cornea surgery. Surgery takes precedence over any clinic. Cornea clinic and cases are also performed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Research Expectations

Fellows may join ongoing clinical research at Boston Vision or help by writing reviews or case reports. They will also be required to participate in peer-reviewing literature. Our current research projects include:

  • Rose Bengal and Green laser: a new crosslinking method
  • New approach to quantify ingrowth of epithelium after LASIK
  • Biometry outcomes of ICL vs. cataract surgery
  • Comparing the hyperopic results of VISX and the Allegretto laser
  • Timing and safety of secondary surface ablation after aborted LASIK procedure


Fellows receive an annual salary according to the Beth Israel PGY Scale. Fellows do not cover ER. Call is for the practices only and is split with other physicians at Boston Vision.

Expected Surgical Numbers

  • Refractive procedures: 450-500 (mostly LASIK/PRK)
  • Cataracts: 75 (includes femtosecond laser)
  • Phakic IOL: 5-10
  • Sutured IOL: 5-7
  • Pterygium: 15-20
  • Corneal grafts: 45-50 (split between various types)
  • KPRO: 1-2


  • Weekly research meeting at Boston Vision
  • Monthly Cornea Club with Dr. Melki
  • Monthly Refractive Club with various physicians
  • Various conferences

Attending Physicians

  • Primary physician: Dr. Samir Melki, MD PhD, Director, Boston Vision
  • Jae Young (Jane) You, Cornea Service Director, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Jason Brenner, MD
  • Vinny Keshav, MD


Anyone interested in applying for the fellowship at Boston Vision should apply through SFMatch. Any questions can be directed to David Giordano, International candidates are welcome to apply.

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