Welcome to Boston Vision

The professionals at Boston Vision have over 20 years of experience serving patients in their community through excellent and innovative eye care procedures. They are dedicated to quality care for patients as a private academic medicine practice. Each of the doctors at Boston Vision values ongoing research and education, and our team is trained on the most cutting-edge procedures available.

In addition to serving patients in our Boston office, our physicians hold affiliations with Harvard Medical School hospitals and work internationally, performing cataract surgery for patients in the United Kingdom and artificial cornea implantation in the Middle East. You can find original research from our doctors in various medical journals and textbooks as they remain at the forefront of advanced treatment options.

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To schedule your appointment, book online with us or email us at help@bostonvision.com to get started.

Our commitment to quality includes:

  • A one-to-one meeting with your treating surgeon to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.
  • Standardized and strict protocols to enhance procedure safety and allow safe and predictable enhancements if needed.
  • Blade-free technology.
  • Access to wavefront technology to diagnose any postoperative aberrations.
  • Access to your surgeons directly to their cell phone at all times.
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