The cornea is the transparent dome-shaped surface of the eye found in the front portion covering the pupil, iris, and anterior chamber. The clear membrane works to refract light for clear vision, but a damaged cornea can occur due to several factors including disease, hereditary conditions, or scarring from significant injuries. While the cornea is typically self-healing from smaller scratches or tears, some patients may require a surgical procedure to repair (or, in some cases, replace with corneal transplants) their corneal tissue. Whether you’re dealing with a diseased cornea or another eye disorder, the ophthalmologists at Boston Vision can recommend the best treatment option for you to restore your health and vision.


Phototherapeutic Keratectomy (PTK) is a laser surgery designed to repair the cornea in cases of corneal disorders like corneal dystrophy, corneal scars, corneal infections, or other complications like blurred vision and vision loss.

Cornea Transplant

If the cornea is significantly damaged or scarred, cornea transplants or corneal transplantation (sometimes called keratoplasty) can be a great solution. Cornea transplant surgery uses tissue from a donor cornea and may be performed to restore the patient’s vision and protect their health.

Corneal Cross Linking

Another solution involving an eyedrop medication and UV light to help make the weakened tissue in your cornea stronger. The “crosslinking” term stems from the strengthened bonds of collagen fibers in your eye, thus stopping progressive keratoconus from worsening.

Artificial Cornea


Fuchs Dystrophy



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