Agnes RF Microneedling

What is Agnes RF Microneedling?

Agnes is the first technology that allows for the precise recontouring and sculpting of the delicate structures around the eyes to stimulate youthful-looking skin. This device allows people to rejuvenate common areas of concern around the face for issues like:

  • Lower eyelid rejuvenation
  • Browline sculpting
  • Under-eye rejuvenation

Agnes RF contains microneedle heads that deliver radiofrequency (RF) energy to precise depths of the skin and subdermal tissue, providing coagulation of these tissues to tighten skin quickly or provide other proven benefits. The highly refined, precise design of these microneedles allows it to be used safely by ophthalmologists around the delicate tissues of the eyes.

Benefits of Agnes RF

By stimulating collagen and elastin production directly in the skin, this treatment can rejuvenate your eyelid skin and re-sculpt eyelid bags, giving you back the youthful eyes that you remember from years ago.

This treatment is not painful and is being used around the world for its proven benefits without pain or downtime.

Agnes RF provides long-lasting and unmatched results without surgery and can be a stand-alone treatment or used in combination with other rejuvenation procedures.

Finally, Agnes microneedling provides customizable results in all patients and for all skin types.

Who is a Good Candidate for Agnes RF Microneedling?

The best candidates for RF microneedling at Boston Vision are those who currently experience concerns about:

  • Skin laxity around the eyes
  • Uneven, mottled, or dull skin texture
  • Undesirable fat distribution in the facial tissues

Our Agnes RF provider, Dr. John Lee, will confirm patients are good candidates for Agnes RF during a thorough evaluation at any of our Boston Vision locations. Dr. Lee is a board-certified ophthalmologist with specialty fellowship experience in oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery. As long as you are interested in rejuvenating your facial complexion or eye area, he will help you discover a treatment that works best for you.

Results and Recovery from Agnes

The Agnes microneedling treatment often creates immediate and long-lasting results in a single 30-minute session with minimal downtime and a comfortable recovery. Your specific experience with Agnes RF depends on your desired results and the location being treated with the device.

After each treatment session, you will be free to resume your normal activities immediately. Many patients experience satisfactory results after just one session, but up to three might be recommended.

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