Cost of Lasik Surgery

If you’ve gotten sick and tired of wearing glasses or know your vision is starting to slip a bit and are hoping to avoid corrective lenses altogether, you may be considering having LASIK surgery. Like most people, one of your first thoughts will be how much the surgery could potentially cost. Also, you’ve probably seen ads advertising LASIK surgery for next to nothing. But before you rush out to a doctor based on the cost we recommend you do research on the providers in your area. If they do not give you the price when you contact them that is a red flag right away. At  Boston Vision, we want to give you the details about the true cost of LASIK surgery.

Costs Can Vary

First, LASIK surgery will be either more or less expensive based on where you live and where you have your surgery. For many patients where cost is a concern, reputable practices will offer interest-free financing options, which are usually handled by a third-party service.

Be Wary of Low-Cost Ads

More than likely, you have seen ads advertising LASIK surgery for only $500 or perhaps a bit more. However, before you rush in for an appointment, be very wary of what you may be getting into. With most doctors who run these ads, it’s more about getting unwary patients in the door and then sticking them with one fee and add-on service after another. Since most patients in these cases will receive an eye exam and be told how much LASIK will help them, whether it actually will or not, they rarely balk at spending additional money to get what they think will be perfect vision.

The True Cost of LASIK

At most reputable eye surgery centers that perform LASIK, the actual cost of the surgery ranges from $2500-$3000 per eye. At Boston Vision we do not fool around with bait and switch tactics. We give every patient the best available technology to achieve the best possible results. Basing your decision on price is not a good way to assess a Lasik clinic. You need to base that decision on doctors’ reviews, experience, and technology the practice is using. You only have one pair of eyes. Remember, you get what you pay for  

LASIK Retreatments 

In certain cases, patients might need a touch-up after their initial Lasik procedure. At Boston Vision, we offer a free lifetime retreatment program to all our patients to give that piece of mind that if for some reason they needed to be retreated it would be done at no additional cost.   

Work with Professionals You Trust

When you hear something that sounds too good to be true, you know it usually is. Also, when you meet with doctors you just aren’t comfortable with and who don’t answer your questions to your satisfaction, it’s best to look elsewhere for the treatment you need. We realize that at Boston Vision, which is why we believe honesty and transparency are crucial to gaining the trust of our patients.

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