Is EVO ICL Right for Me?

Although many people think of LASIK or PRK when they consider laser eye surgery, not everyone is a good candidate for those options despite their widespread use and popularity. EVO ICL is a third option for long-term vision correction that can be a great option for patients who have different preferences or treatment needs. Here are a few ways to know that the EVO ICL (implantable collamer lens) might be an ideal option for seeing clearly for years to come.

You Have Dry Eye

One of the biggest disqualifiers for LASIK surgery is dry eye. LASIK can exacerbate dry eye, meaning if you already have symptoms, then LASIK may not be for you. The EVO ICL does not induce dry eye, meaning you can receive it without having to worry about worsening dry eye symptoms.

You Want a Removable option

Options like LASIK or PRK are one-and-done procedures that can’t be reversed because they permanently change the shape of the eye. Not that your doctor would want to remove your EVO ICL, the lens can be removed entirely if needed. 

You Want UV Protection

The EVO ICL is an advanced technology that can come with benefits over other options. The EVO ICL can offer UV protection and prevent damage to the lens over many years. UV damage can cause long-term damaging effects like cataracts, pterygium, and more, making the EVO ICL a valuable investment in your vision health.

You Have Thin Corneas

Some patients aren’t good candidates for LASIK because they have thin corneas, which can negatively affect the success of this type of surgery. Since the EVO ICL does not require any corneal tissue to be removed or manipulated, it’s an ideal option for patients who have thin corneas.

You Have a High Prescription

Some patients who have very high prescriptions can benefit from the EVO ICL where they may not be able to achieve correction with other options. Because of the nature of ICLs, they can be manufactured for a wider range of prescriptions and even exchanged if your prescription changes.

You want a quick recovery

The EVO ICL offers an extremely visual recovery. Most patients know huge improvements in their vision within a couple of hours of their EVO ICl procedure. Unlike a PRK procedure that could take a week to two weeks of recovery time.

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