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Millions of Americans have myopia or nearsightedness. Although many people who are nearsighted opt for corrective lenses in the form of eyeglasses or contact lenses, there is another option available: Visian ICL. Visian ICL is a special lens called a phakic intraocular lens (or IOL) that is used in refractive surgery to correct myopia. If you are nearsighted and want a solution that doesn’t involve glasses or contacts, it’s worth knowing more about Visian ICL. (www.staar.com

What is Visian ICL?

Visian ICL is a good solution for nearsightedness. It involves using an IOL to correct your vision. However, unlike the intraocular lenses that are used in cataract surgery, Visian ICL does not replace the natural lens of the eye. During the procedure, the Visian ICL is placed between the eye’s natural lens and the iris. In general, it doesn’t address eye issues like cataracts but can be used to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism and gives you the option to see clearly without needing corrective glasses or contact lenses. The Visian ICL is like a contact lens that is implanted directly into the eye with a less than 10-minute procedure. 

One of the best things about Visian ICL is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent. If you decide you want it removed to have laser surgery or if your vision has changed, you can have it removed. This is quite rare as most patients can undergo a simple laser touch up in the office to adjust the vision. 

What Makes Visian ICL Different?

Visian ICL is usually simply considered to be an implantable contact lens. However, the ICL part of its name stands for “implantable Collamer lens,” which refers to the material that makes up the lens. Visian ICL is also considerably different from other vision correction options like laser eye surgery since a lens is implanted in the eye but can be removed if necessary or desired.

What is the Collamer Lens Makeup?

Visian ICL also differs from other phakic IOLs in its Collamer makeup. Collamer is an organic material that is specifically designed for Visian lenses. The main component of the material has superior biocompatibility to standard lenses made from silicone or acrylic. Additionally, Collamer doesn’t cause a reaction when inside the eye. It has an ultraviolet filter that protects the eye against harmful UV rays, which makes it safe to use.

The Visian ICL procedure is FDA-approved and has been successful with more than 1 Million implants performed around the world. It doesn’t permanently change the eye’s structure and is placed in the posterior chamber to work with the eye’s natural lens to correct your vision. Another thing that separates Visian ICL from other phakic IOLs is that it’s foldable, which allows the ophthalmologist to implant it with a much smaller incision. This is a technique that eye surgeons use often. Incisions made for Visian ICL are only 2.8mm to 3.0mm instead of 6.0 mm incisions that are needed with procedures involving other phakic IOLs. This makes the procedure less invasive. Sutures aren’t necessary with Visian ICL, either, as a result.

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