Many people use eye drops for a variety of reasons. People use them for glaucoma, dry eye, eye infections (such as pink eye), allergies, dry eye syndrome, after eye surgery, or other eye health concerns. To get the full benefits from using your eye drops, you should put them in correctly. At Boston Vision, we deal with patients all the time who have trouble putting eye drops in. Your ophthalmologist will go over how to insert eye drops with you. Read on for easy-to-follow steps for inserting your eye drops.


You should always make sure to wash your hands prior to inserting eye drops or even touching your eyes. Germs and bacteria can cause infection or worsen an existing eye condition. Also, be sure to remove your contact lenses unless otherwise instructed by your eye doctor. Once your eyes are ready, shake the eye drop bottle vigorously, then gently pull off the cap. Do not touch the tip of the dropper.

Inserting Eye Drops

Option 1
For an easy way to put your eye drops in, tilt your head back and look up. Many people find it beneficial to find one point to focus on. Use one hand to pull the lower eyelid downward slightly; this helps to create a pocket to catch the drop. Hold the dropper directly over the pocket and squeeze gently. Make sure to not touch the bottle directly to your eye or eyelid, as this could cause contamination.

Option 2
Hold the bottle sideways and place the center of the bottle over the bridge of your nose. This results in the tip of the bottle being over your eye. Look directly up at the ceiling and squeeze. This will result in the drop falling directly over the center of your eye.

After Putting in the Eye Drops

Once the drops are in, close your eyes. It is important to not blink. Apply gentle pressure to your tear ducts and closed eyelids. This allows the drops to be absorbed by the eyes. Once this is done, wash your hands after touching the medication and your face. You may have some slightly blurry vision after opening your eyes, but that will diminish very quickly.

If you have any trouble inserting eye drops, contact Boston Vision for a solution. To schedule your appointment, book online with us or email us at to get started.

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