Corrective lenses are very important devices to have and ones that many people take for granted. The World Health Organization estimates that around 25% of the world’s population could benefit from the use of corrective lenses. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford glasses or have no way of getting them. That is why Boston Vision is a supporter of The Lions International and local Lions Clubs as they have many recycling eyeglasses programs.

The donation of used but functional eyeglasses to the needy around the world is a great way to give back and help millions of people. In these eyeglasses recycling programs, used glasses are cleaned, repaired, and organized by prescription, then they are distributed to needy people in developing countries around the world.

To find out more about the eyeglass recycling program or recycle eyeglasses yourself, contact the Boston Vision or contact a local Lions Club directly. You can also call Lions Club International at (630) 571-5466 to find a local recycling center.

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