What is a Chalazion?

A chalazion is a lump or bump that occurs in the eyelid. This swelling is due to accumulation of material of the small oil-producing glands that are located in the upper or lower eyelids.  There are many names for these lumps including “hordeolum” and “stye.” In general, a chalazion is not painful unless it becomes infected.

Symptoms of a Chalazion

  • Visible or palpable bump or lump in the eyelid
  • Tearing and mild irritation
  • Blurred vision

Who is at Risk?

Anyone can develop a chalazion, but there are some people who are at a higher risk for them. If you have a skin condition such as blepharitis or acne rosacea, this puts you at a higher risk of developing a chalazion. A chalazion is diagnosed by an eye care professional. At Boston Vision, our eye doctors will examine your eyes and eyelid to see if you have a chalazion. They will look at the lid structure, eyelash appearance, and oil gland openings. Once this condition has been diagnosed, treatment can be determined.

How to Treat a Chalazion

It is important to not attempt to squeeze or pop the chalazion. Most chalazia require minimal treatment and resolve on their own within a few weeks. These can be treated multiple ways. The mainstay of treatment for a chalazion is a warm compress. Hold a warm compress against your eyelid for as many hours a day as your schedule allows. This will help to soften the collection of oil, unblock the oil glands, and allow them to drain. Antibiotic medications are helpful if the chalazion has become infected.

If this treatment does not work, then there are other more aggressive options including injection of anti-inflammatory medications and surgical incision. If your chalazion is obstructing your vision, then your eye doctor may recommend these options for you. Talk to the Boston Vision team about the best treatment option if you have a chalazion.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have a lump on your eyelid, then it may be the cause of inflammation of the glands. To get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan started, come into Boston Vision. Our time of highly skilled eye care professionals can help to find the right method to get rid of the chalazion for you. To schedule your appointment, book online with us or email us at help@bostonvision.com to get started.

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