What is Retinoschisis?

Retinoschisis is a degenerative disorder of the retina that is more common in elderly. This is characterized by separation (schisis) that develops between the two major layers of the retina. This creates a blister-like elevation which is often confused with retinal detachment. However, unlike a retinal detachment, retinoschisis has a more favorable course and less commonly needs surgical intervention. The schisis usually occurs in areas of retina that are not used for vision and, therefore, most patients are unaware of having this disorder.

Symptoms of Retinoschisis?

Retinoschisis is asymptomatic except when it progresses to the point of schisis cavities or retinal detachment.

Who is at Risk for Retinoschisis?

This disorder is age-related and seen more commonly in patients who are far sighted. As mentioned, retinoschisis is usually asymptomatic and discovered during routine eye exams.

Treatments for Retinoschisis

In the majority of cases, retinoschisis is observed for development of retinal holes or detachment. If any of these complications occur, a laser or surgical intervention may be necessary.

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