What is Contoura and What Do I Need to Know?

Contoura eye surgery is an FDA-approved procedure and one of the newest innovations in LASIK eye surgery. If you do not qualify for eye surgery, you may still be a candidate for customizable, innovative Contoura treatment.

What is Contoura Eye Surgery?

Contoura eye surgery is also known as topography-guided LASIK because the procedure uses a map of the entire eye to customize the procedure for each patient. This map is generated with computer analysis and used to guide the laser during treatment. By following the microscopic points of cornea elevation, the laser can more effectively smooth its surface for precise adjustments and exceptional results.

Cornea elevations or corneal irregularities are the cause of refractive errors and other vision problems. By leveling the surface of the cornea, light can properly pass through into the retina, allowing for clearer and more accurate vision.

Benefits of Contoura Eye Surgery

During Contoura eye surgery, precise delivery of the laser reduces tissue irritation after treatment and allows for better visual acuity post-treatment. Patients often report that they see more clearly than they did while wearing corrective lenses before treatment. There are also fewer glares and halos around light, making it easier to drive and night and engage in other activities.

What is the Difference Between Contoura and LASIK?

One of the main differences between these procedures is that Contoura eye surgery addresses the shape of the eye and the texture of the cornea. Traditional LASIK surgery only corrects the shape of the eye. LASIK also does not create a map of the entire eye. It only maps 200 points while Contoura maps 22,000 points on the cornea.

Who is a Candidate for Contoura?

Contoura is often a better option for patients with irregularly shaped corneas who are not candidates for LASIK. Ideal candidates are older than 18 who wish to permanently correct vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, and/or irregular corneas. However, those with myopia higher than 9.0 and those with vascular disease or immune deficiency disease may not be candidates. A consultation with our expert team is necessary to determine whether you can benefit from Contoura surgery.

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When it comes to eye health and vision repair, no two eyes are the same. That’s why we rely on Contoura technology for customizable and effective results. To learn more about Contoura and other types of eye surgery we offer in Boston, give our office a call or book an appointment online.

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