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5 stars 5

5 stars 5
I called in the late afternoon after experiencing some unusual eye pain. I expected to wait for at least a day or two before I could be seen. They actually saw me less than 20 minutes after I hung up. Once at the office, I was checked in immediately, and barely had time to sit down before being called in to an exam room. In less than an hour from my initial contact, I had been seen, tested, made a follow up appointment and was on my way to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription.I could not believe it myself, and guessed that this was just dumb luck on a quiet day. However I had 2 subsequent follow-up visits and each one was just as efficient. Not to mention that everyone from the check-in/out staff to the techs to the doctor were very friendly and seemed to care about what they were doing.This is a great example of how a medical office should work.

4 stars 4
I had a good experience with Dr. Melki. Got LASIK and it's been great. No issues, really. He explains options very clearly which I like. He is all business, so he might come off as a bit too stern, but many excellent practitioners in every field share that attribute, especially doctors. He has a well organized office in Brookline which I'd recommend.

4 stars 4
Good place to get LASIK. After the first surgery left me still having a prescription, the enhancement surgery they performed was able to correct it only three months later. During that time they gave me free contacts and glasses to wear while I awaited the "touch-up" surgery.

5 stars 5

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