Visit one of our new offices in Burlington and Woburn! We’re located at 
172 Cambridge St Burlington, MA 01803, AND 3 Baldwin Green Common #103 Woburn, MA 01801, respectively!

5 stars 5
Excellent experience so far! Had my surgery yesterday in Andover in the beautiful new offices. Seeing pretty well today...and Dr Gupta says everything looks great!

5 stars 5
Great experience. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and answered all of my questions!

5 stars 5
excellent medical support. the staff were very thorough and careful and there wasn't any of the typical US hard sell.I had both eyes PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) and a lens implant in one eye.
5 stars 5

5 stars 5
I recently got LASIK done at the Andover location and it was amazing. The staff was warm and welcoming and the process was smooth and simple. They did an amazing job handling my anxiety and making me feel comfortable. This is the best decision I have ever made!

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