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5 stars 5

5 stars 5
Incredibly helpful staff, and very reassuring. Worth the time, effort and money!

5 stars 5
I had a great experience here. Everything was explained very thoroughly and the procedure was a great success. Can't ask for anything more!

5 stars 5
I got PRK on Friday. Today is Tuesday, so it's been four days. My vision is still blurry as expected, but it's getting better everyday. The assistants and doctor (Brenner) I interacted with were all great. The fellow has had a tired energy the two times I've interacted with her, but I think she's doing a fine job. It's easy to reach out to them if you have a question (they give you your doctor's cell as well as Dr. Melki's, though I didn't use them). There's an online patient portal that you can use to e-mail your questions; I used this once after my evaluation to ask Dr. Brenner a question, and he responded the next day.It's not like they provide a very personal service; it feels like a place where they try to do as many procedures as they can since it brings in money, but not to the point that they will be careless with your care. I think they did a good job with my eyes; I'm not fully healed, but I'm healing more and progressing everyday.My PRK procedure ended up costing $4900 ($1000-off promotion for the start of the year) with an optional $495 lifetime insurance, which I was told that 70% of people opt to get. Only 3% of people need touch-ups, which is included in the initial cost.Their website has a good Q&A section where Dr. Melki has answered lots of questions. They also give you some reading material at your free evaluation. I appreciate that they try to educate their patients.On the day of my procedure, they gave me written instructions for my eye drops (which I couldn't read too well for two days afterward - just a heads-up to plan ahead), some ill-fitting sunglasses, and a Boston Laser t-shirt. During the procedure, I was given a choice of holding an elephant or a sloth stuffed animal (I chose both!). The procedure lasted about 12 minutes.It's not cheap, but paying a lot of money makes me feel like I'm using a quality service?? They're also affiliated with MEEI and have fellows working there, so it's in their interest to provide good service and protect their reputation. I've had a good (albeit short) experience with them so far!Disclosure: I have an extra incentive to leave a review because when you write a review, you get entered into a drawing to win $150 toward a pair of sunglasses (which I don't have because I've always worn eyeglasses, so I didn't really wear sunglasses over them). But that didn't affect the kind of rating/review I gave.
5 stars 5
I got LASIK over a year ago and it was the best decision yet! Everything from the evaluation to the day of surgery and all post op visits went smoothly! Dr. Melki and Dr. Brenner were excellent and are true experts in this field. The LASIK scheduling team also ensured everything went smoothly and were very accommodating! A year out and I'm seeing 20/15 in both eyes!

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