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4 stars 4
My actual meeting/visit with Macie Finkelstein was great.HOWEVER, I was not told beforehand that her office had moved. Fortunately, my husband thought he'd read something about that. So on Monday, I called Laser Vision but couldn't reach a person, and no one called me back. I also left a message at the 'help' website noted on the phone recording, and no one responded to that message either! ... even though the phone message suggested you'd get a quick response from the email.I called back again on Tuesday AM and selected "Make an Appointment" and left my phone on for about 20 minutes until a human being actually answered. She confirmed my appointment and the location. If my husband hadn't commented on the possible relocation, I would have gone to the Beacon St. address and totally missed my appointment. I understand there are staffing shortages...but this was NOT a good way to treat patients.

5 stars 5
The whole LASIK process was very easy and Im super grateful to Dr. Melki and his team!

5 stars 5
Very thorough and personable!

5 stars 5
The surgery was quick and the Dr. and associates talked me through everything. I did have tremendous pain afterwards like the doctor advised, but it did subside after time. Im happy that I finally did lasik and I would recommend Boston Vision

5 stars 5
My husband was not a patient of Dr. Patels. He started having problems with his vision on Wednesday night. A colleague recommended going to see Dr. Patel as soon as possible.She called Dr. Pastels office on Thursday morning. They saw my husband immediately. My husband had a torn retina. Dr. Patel called her colleague, Dr. Najafi, and secured an appointment for my husband that afternoon.Dr. Najafi was prepared to immediately operate that afternoon. A decision was made to wait until Friday morning. By Friday afternoon my husband was operated on and on the mend.Dr. Pastels professionalism and attention to this urgent matter may have helped save my husbands vision.I would also like to mention the staff at both locations go above and beyond to make a tense situation as pleasant as possible.Dr. Patels office is also a state of art facility. As beautiful as it is incredible.Thank you Dr. Patel and staff. Amazingly easy experience. Also, thank you Dr. Najafi and staff. You all made this as easy and stress free as possible.

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