5 stars 5
I recommend Dr. Lee to anyone seeking treatment for a chalazion. I had a chalazion on my upper eyelid for 4 months the chalazion was not going away. So I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee is professional and courteous, and explained my treatment options regarding the Chalazion. I opted for the steroid injection. Dr. Lee suggested that I continue with the warm compress on the eyelid. About a week later the chalazion was gone! I am very pleased with the eye treatment.
5 stars 5
I had an excellent experience with Boston Laser. I came in on a Wednesday for a laser eye correction consultation, and was scheduled for PRK surgery that Friday (this past Friday). During my consultation the staff were kind, considerate, and efficient. Everyone knew what they were doing and helped me understand the purpose of each test. The surgeon spent a good amount of time with me helping me understand my options, the reason why PRK was the best choice for me, and what the surgery would look like. The financial department was transparent and helpful, and all my questions were answered clearly and immediately. On the day of my surgery I felt well cared for, safe, and excited. The preparation was quick and easy, and the surgery couldn't have been faster or more straightforward. I was made comfortable, and each eye took less than five minutes to finish. I sat up, and could see. I know most folks who have laser eye correction say something along these lines, but it was truly remarkable to go from not being able to see who was in the room, or the machines, or the ceiling, to having no perceivable vision impairment-- all in under ten minutes. Recovery has been good so far. As is expected with PRK, my vision has been blurry for the past few days, but improves all the time. I have had some eye pain, but have been able to manage it easily with eye drops and advil. I am excited for my new eyes and am grateful to Boston Laser for their expertise and care.

5 stars 5
Dr. Melki is very nice and experienced ophthalmologist. I took the Lasik on 2/23 and my visual almost recovered today! (2/26)

5 stars 5
Very professional, caring, and thorough in explaining all the details. Walked out with 20/15 vision, very happy with the whole experience

5 stars 5
Great staff, great service. The entire process from pre-screening to LASIK surgery was well organized, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I couldn't be happier with the results.

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